Resume is an important document for every applicant. It allows the interviewer to know the basic information of the applicant before the interview. Therefore, it is important that the resume is complete with all the detailed information. When creating a resume, it is recommended to follow a resume template. And here are the different parts of a resume template.


1.            Heading - Heading is the first part of professional resume template you have to fill up. It contains your name, address and contact information. Contact information includes a landline and mobile phone number as well as an email address.


2.            Objective - Objective basically is your objective in applying for the job. What is your goal in applying for the job? Is it for experience? A long-term career or want to start from the lowest to a potential career promotion. This will tell the interviewer how you envision yourself working in the company and what you expect to gain from the company.



3.            Professional qualifications - Professional qualification is the part that tells your skills and core competencies. This will determine if you are suitable for the position you are applying for. The skills you include on this part should be relevant to the job you are applying for.


4.            Educational background - You education background is your history in education. It starts from your grade school until college. If you have a master's degree or even a doctorate, it should be included in your educational background. Aside from these, you can also include all the training and seminars you have attended especially those relevant to the job.


5.            Employment history - If it is not the first time you are applying for a job, this is the part where you need to put your previous jobs. You need to include the company you had worked for as well as the years you were working for each company. It is also important to write why you left the company such as if you were laid off or you resign from the company.


6.            Awards - Awards can boost your credentials. You want to include things like excellence award or perfect attendance award. This might be minor but it shows a lot on your performance on your previous job. These can tell if you were never absent as attendance is very important for the company as a major factor for performance.


7.            References - All the things you have written are just fiction unless you can verify the information. You need to put several qualified people are your references. It could be your immediate supervisor in your previous work or a dean of your university. Anyone who can verify your character and information fits this part.



Make sure that the resume template you are basing your professional resume template on must have all these parts.