Writing a resume template can be a chore since it should be similar to a professional resume but without the submission process. Isn't this then just a big waste of time? Why would you even bother to compose such a document when it isn't going to be seen by anyone else? Well my friend, this simple piece of work can save you a whole lot of time and grief when correctly constructed. Think about this -- you have been working at a job and a sudden downturn causes corporate downsizing (ever been there?), causing a lot of people to lose their jobs. What will you do now. You have been at this firm for a number of years and now have to look for work. Of course this means make up a new resume templates and trying to remember all of those things that you did at the old job.


If you had a resume template at the ready, then it would simply be a matter of updating it with a few selected items from the last employer and you would be ready for submission to a new company. Doesn't that sound like a great idea. Let's talk a little about what you definitely should include here. Remember, the bulk of the information won't change once it is recorded. In your header, make sure your name is larger than the rest of the document. Also include address, phone numbers, and professional email address. The idea here is to give the prospective company multiple methods of contact. This makes it easier to contact you for a personal interview.


Your job guide objective can be a one or two sentence statement or even a paragraph of your work history with notable accomplishments included there. Under education, write down all colleges attended, the dates and degrees awarded. Experience will list all jobs held, dates employed and major duties. When another opportunity comes along, simply delete the non-relevant content before printing.


 Finally the last section can be personalized to include military service or hobbies/interests or certifications. Make sure this reflects your personality; it may be a common point of interest for the hiring manager as well. Be sure to proof read it carefully and use spell check to ensure there are no errors. You now have a resume template suitable for ultra-quick customization. Good luck!



OK, you are still worried that your resume isn't good enough. How about a program that will do the job for you in less than 30 minutes? Sound too good to be true?. Get the help and resources that you need to draft that winning resume.